HEK 187

Inspired by movies like "Beat Street" and "Wild Style" Hek187 started spinning Hiphop at the early age of 12. In 1993 he decided to play the drums and 6 months later he became member of the band "And More". Two years later this phase ended tragically with the suicide of the lead singer/guitarist. After ventures into Gabba Music, he was introduced to drum'n'bass in 1997. The music which should never let go of him. Meanwhile Hek187 aka HEK:ONE has become a reknown producer and engineer. Since 1999 he's been working closely with Mc Santana as Heavy Rotation Berlin. His first release on Gyration Records in 2001 was followed by many productions including "Clockwork Dark" on Kehkopf Records/ Silba Rücken Beatz and tracks by the "Killa Hill Project aka The Hooks" (Hek187 & Pacd MC) on his own label Brothahook Muzik/Brothahook Digital.

More Infos & Complete Discogrphie soon as possible.

BSR001/2k - Untitled
GY 028 (Gyration Rec) No Compromise EP (Vinyl)
GYCD 02 (Gyration Rec) No Compromise LP Mix CD Mixed and Compiled by Hek187
pp011 (plainaudio/plain productions) Hek187-Enemy´s Inside
pp022 (plainaudio/plain productions) HEK187-Big Dawg EP
BHD.1.0.2010 (Brothahook Digital) HEK187 - Black Tree Ep
BHD.1.3.2k10 (Brothahook Digital) HEK187 GRIMEE DAYZ LP
coming soon: Hek187- Sleepwalker EP on www.plainaudio.com, and HEK:ONE- The Return of Cool LP on Brothahook Digital

Hek Eins Acht Sieben