Artist : Sick Nick aka Rawnick Born: 1977

1st.Word: 1987:From East to West ! The 1st. Years i lived in Berlin-Wedding and one learned there : " U aint get anything for Free". Some Years later ( 11Years old ) i started to mix my own and other Voices on a little Recorder with Music from the Radio. At this Time i get in touch with Hip Hop
In the 90s i met Hek187 ( Member of the Breakdance and Writer Crew "MSD" ) We share our Influences and start to work on Projects ! The Music who change our Mindz at these Dayz was from Public Enemy , 2 Live Crew ......ect. (between the Years 1988 and 1992) ! The next Years ( 1992-1993 ) i still enjoyed that kind of music and start to love it more & more. At this Time We allways try to translate the Lyrics. (the New Generation like Wu Tang , Mobb Deep ,Mos Def ,Common....ect .)
At the Year 1994 I try to Start my own "DJ" Career in CoOperation with the Cyberspace-Cafe-Berlin, Tino O., Lost In Music and some Locations as "DJ_Tech_Nick". Until that Time i still know how to "Mix" and Start to work for some Locations like the Matrix ,Tresor , E-Werk , on StreetParades......ect. 1998 done my last Gig as a DJ for the Matrix Club on the Love Parade-Berlin and for myself it was a good last "hit them up"! ! ! 1999 i was Partner with some Daawwgz in a Club called Belle_Etage witch we build up on our own and at the Weekend everything was "Sold Out". Later i meet there some Crews like the "D.N.W." ( DerNotorischeWahnsinn / Kellerproduktion ) or other Producer who run 4 own Projects and Buisiness .We start to work together. But Everywhere u got Hatahz and 1/2 Year later they make a Razzia and close our Club. Sorry Folks but What the F... can i say. What goes around comes around ! ;) 2000 i asked Jan ( Stroh from D.N.W. ) to work with me on some Projects. In that Time he teached me how to set good Rhymes and create my own Beats. Thx Jan !
2000-2003 i worked with Jan on Projects 4 other Groups and MC..s to find and create my own Sound and ......... ............"Get Features".
Co-Operations and Features:

- 2001 / 2002 -
- Hot Down Written by: Sick ( M.S.D. ) Produced by: Stroh ( D.N.W. ) Vocals by: Sick - Smash That Written by: Sick Produced by: Stroh Vovals by: Sick feat. Stroh ( D.N.W. ) - When u are Wounded Written by: Sick Produced by: Stroh Vocals by: Sick - Wünsche und Träume Written by: Sick Produced by: Stroh Vocals by: Sick -Schicksalhafte Spiele Written by: Sick Produced by: Stroh Vocals by: Sick

- 2002 / 2003 - ( Kellerproduktion/MellowSound:zDirect )
- BoooM Written by: Sick Produced by: Stroh & Sick Vocals by: Sick Beat by: Dj Don..tGivVaFuq - Was .....? Written by: Sick Produced by: Stroh - Smash That ( Remix ) Written by: Sick & Stroh Produced by: Stroh Vovals by: Sick feat. Stroh ( D.N.W. )

- 2005 / 2006 - ( Bassspelunke Berlin )
- Fuck U Bitch Written by: Hek187 & Sick Nick Beat by: Hek18 Produced by: Hek187 Vocals by: Hek187&Sick Nick
- 2007 - - Der Hass (Written & Produced by Sick Nick) - Video (Fuck U Bitch) Cut & Edit by: Mr. Hek187
- 2008 - ( Brothahook Berlin ) - Rote Augen by Hek187 feat. Sick Nick - Kalter Krieg by Hek 187 feat. MattenMan & Sick Nick - Dez48 Beatz feat. Sick Nick Breaka Mark & Hek 187 (Recorded by Sick Nick) - Das ist mein Weg (Produced by , Written by: Sick Nick) - Der Hass Rem. (Dubstep Remix Produced by Hek 187)
2009 - Session Mc feat. Sick Nick (Therapy-Album) - (Sick Production Berlin) More Info :

Live Performance & Interview..s

Hek187 Pacd & Sick Nick at Mophatt..s Radioshow (Live) on 104.1Fm Twen Fm
2006: Mophatt , Mamasan , MC Santana , Hek187 , Pacd , Sick Nick & MC Zhi as Producer 4 "MSD" on RaveSatelite at Radio Fritz Berlin

Performed Live at :
RaW-Tempel ( Mophatt , Bassspelunke )
Drumquake Vol.3 ( with : Hek187 ,Pacd ,Pilskills ,Human Sampler , Styrrin ect.)
Drumquake Vol.4 ( Artist..z : Hek187 ,Pacd ,Bloodstone ,Mc Santana ,Mc Zhi ect. )
Drumquake Vol.5 ( Artist..z : Hek187 ,Pacd ,Muealla ,Mainframe, FlowPro ,McZhi ect.)
Drumquake Vol.6 ( Artist..z: Kaosloge ,Mamasan ,Pilskills , Jamie White, Serafinale - Sassion Mc ,McZhi ,McSantana ,Hek187 ,Pacd ,Run ect.)
Acud Club ( Mophatt /Bassspelunke )

Drumquake Vol.7 ( Artist..z : Sassion Mc ,Hek187 ,Pacd Mc ,Bloodstone ,Iaka - Bad Matter ,Mc Santana ,Mc Zhi ect. )
Drumquake Vol.8 ( Artist..z : The Crates ,Run ,Yoru ,CY :MON ,Mc Santana ,Mc Zhi ect.)
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